A Casino For The Unemployed

Well, a casino for the unemployed does not mean gambling and entertainment; it is a means to get a legitimate source of income. Yes, in a place where there are no job opportunities and there are thousands of unemployed people, the setting up of a casino means the creation of thousands of much-needed jobs. There can be no question of the short-term impacts or long-term impacts of a casino in this context.

There is only one impact that a casino can provide in an area where 20 percent of the population is unemployed, more job opportunities. Therefore, having a debate over the proposal of a casino in such an area is simply unfair. By doing so, we are neglecting the needs and benefits of thousands of jobless people. The fact is that a casino along with a truck stop, big hotels, restaurants, and stores will generate thousands of jobs. In the construction phase, such a casino can provide as much as 1000 to 1200 temporary jobs. Once the casino and other facilities are functional, they will together provide nearly 2000 to 2400 permanent jobs. It’s not just the jobs that a casino will provide.

It will also pump in millions of dollars each year into the area’s economy especially Michigan job opportunities. Local authorities will be able to use these funds to the area’s benefit. Lots of good and much-needed educational institutions can come up. These would require teaching and non-teaching staff, which means additional job opportunities. The funds from the casino can also be used to provide superior medical and health care facilities to the locals by setting up more hospitals and medical centers. These hospitals and medical centers would need doctors, nurses, and other staff. This means more job opportunities. Similarly, other factories and small scale industries can also start operations when the area’s economy is strong. So many facilities and opportunities can come up if people in power and other influential people provide a green signal to a casino in an area that has been deprived of jobs for years.

However, there are people who oppose the setting up of a casino and related facilities in such an area based on an argument that it will harm the moral and social values of the community. These people believe that a casino would result in drug trafficking and other crimes. However, these people forget one important thing, the location of the casino. The casino is being proposed at a place where thousands of people are unemployed and have no legitimate source of income. Do you think that these people would indulge in crimes once the casino is set up? Not at all! For them, a casino would be the much-awaited opportunity to earn money and sustain their families. For these deprived parents, Michigan casino employment would mean legitimate income so that they can provide quality education to their children. It would mean food for the family. A casino for the unemployed is a means to live a decent life and walk with pride.